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Google Ads Cost Calculator

Use our free Google Ads cost calculator tool to estimate monthly costs, amount of conversions, leads or inquires, and cost per conversion.

How to Use a Google Ads Cost Calculator Tool

Step 1: Input Your Monthly Google Ads Spend: The first step in using our Google Ads cost calculator is to input your estimated monthly Google Ads spend. This can vary widely, as it depends on your budget and advertising goals. Whether your monthly ad budget is as low as £15 or exceeds £100,000, this google ads cost calculator tool can help you estimate the costs associated with your advertising campaign.

Step 2: Estimate Your Cost Per Click (CPC): The second step involves estimating your cost per click (CPC). You can either base this estimate on your historical data from past Google Ads campaigns, if available, or you can input your target cost-per-click into the Google Ads cost calculator. The CPC represents the amount you pay each time a user clicks on your ad.

Step 3: Define the Conversion Rate: In the final area of the calculator, you’ll need to specify the rate at which people are expected to respond to your ads and take an action that you count as a conversion. Conversions can vary widely depending on your business objectives, and they might include actions like making a purchase, filling out a contact form, or signing up for a newsletter. Your historical data or industry benchmarks can guide you in determining a realistic conversion rate.

Calculating the Results: Once you’ve input all the necessary information, the Google Ads cost calculator will provide you with insights. It will estimate your monthly amount of sessions from Google Ads, cost per conversion, as well as the number of conversions, leads, or inquiries you can expect to receive.

Interpreting the Results: The results generated by the Google Ads cost calculator will give you an estimate of what to expect from your advertising campaign. However, those numbers are just a forecast and shouldn’t be considered as a definitive answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the role of the Google Ads Cost Calculator in estimating Google Ads campaign budgets?

The Google Ads Cost Calculator is a tool that helps you estimate your advertising budget for Google Ads campaigns. It considers various factors, such as your monthly ads spend, average CPC, and conversion rate, to provide insights into what you need to achieve your goals.

Can the Google Ads Cost Calculator be trusted for accurate cost planning?

While the Google Ads Cost Calculator provides estimates based on the data you input, its accuracy depends on the quality of your inputs and how well they represent your actual campaign performance. 

How can I determine a cost-effective budget using the Google Ads Cost Calculator?

To establish a cost-effective budget, you can utilise the Google Ads Cost Calculator to estimate the budget required to meet your revenue goals. 

How Can I Control and Manage My Google Ads Budget Effectively?

To control your Google Ads budget effectively, you can set daily and monthly budget limits, use cost controls like bid caps, regularly monitor and optimise your campaigns, and focus on improving the quality of your ads to reduce costs while maintaining performance. 

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