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Case Study: SEO for a Cosmetic Client Injectual - 312% Improvement in Impressions

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Prepare to witness a journey of transformation where needles meet the artistry of lean marketing methodology. In the dynamic realm of aesthetics, MECHANYSM joined forces with an Injectable studio, orchestrating an SEO symphony that elevated their services to the forefront of Google’s stage. 

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A leading injectables studio engaged us to help their prominence online match their reputation offline through top organic search visibility. As a premier destination for aesthetic solutions like renowned injectables and dermal fillers, SEO excellence was paramount. However, recent challenges surfaced like disrupted search presence following a name change and technical issues limiting on-page optimization.


Technical SEO

Our client had a fair bit of technical SEO issues which impacted their rankings.

Fierce Competition

In most cases aesthetic SEO has a high competition and additionally our client is London based which makes it even more competetive.

Lack of Content Optimisation

Our client's pages weren't properly optimised for their main keywords.


Persistent technical issues jeopardised this injectables studio's progress in search. However, through our lean methodology we addressed each concern precisely. A thorough audit uncovered suboptimal on-page elements draining their potential, including misaligned H1/H2 tags and ineffective meta titles and descriptions. We surgically overhauled on-page structures, fortifying their SEO foundation to fully support world-class amenities.

Our technical optimisations from duplicate content removal to site speed enhancements honed the user experience and search performance. Realigned H1/H2 hierarchies clarified unique value propositions, while optimised meta descriptions articulated services more compellingly. By streamlining their presentation and addressing pain points, we systematically paved the way for steady search victories through data-driven refinement.

Through diligent keyword research, we uncovered a portfolio of opportunities to propel their search presence upwards. Both easy wins for quick victories and harder nuts to crack for long-term authority were targeted. Alongside identifying grip keywords, we crafted a roadmap towards more competitive search clusters aligned to their offerings. However, SEO mastery transcends keywords alone - sustainability demands fluid user experiences from initial click to conversion.

With missions identified, our strategy then accounted for crafting seamless journeys from awareness building to purchase. Beyond targeting terms, we installed appropriate internal linking and content structures to guide searchers smoothly. 

To really shine a light on this clinic's awesome aesthetic skills, we got creative with some strategic copywriting magic. Using lean marketing principles as our guide, we carefully crafted copy for each treatment to authentically highlight their amazing industry expertise whenever possible. Continuous testing also helped us refine the messaging to better connect with what people were actually searching for and wanting to learn.

The impact of our content tweaking was great to see - Google took notice of their greatness! By answering in our FAQs "People also ask" modules that answered common questions, Google showed our answers on it's platform which was basically saying this clinic leads the pack. Getting that kind of nod from such a big search player was perfect for getting their name known far and wide. 

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