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Case Study: Lara Heems Jewellery - Ranking 1st for Main Keyword

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Lara Heems Jewellery came to MECHANYSM seeking to uncover new growth opportunities and shine brighter in the world of online jewellery. As experts in lean marketing, we were keen to lend our expertise and optimise their online presence from the ground up.

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When we conducted an initial audit of the website, we uncovered several issues. As a Shopify site, it exhibited common technical problems across the industry such as duplicate page titles and URLs that could hinder discovery. Site speed also needed optimisation to improve the user experience. From an on-page SEO standpoint, the product descriptions lacked keyword targeting and individualisation. Landing page was not effectively converting visitors into customers. Compounding these technical and on-page challenges was a lack of keyword research and relevant blog content targeting the client’s primary search term – “American diamond.” Addressing these widespread deficiencies across both the front-end and back-end of the site would be crucial to boosting the e-commerce metrics of organic traffic and sales conversions. MECHANYSM’s lean SEO strategy would need to holistically optimise all aspects of the client’s online presence to overcome these challenges and drive the business growth goals.


Technical SEO Issues

Shopify is notorious for creating technical issues.

Lack of Content Strategy

All products had very generic descriptions.

Competitive Industry

Jewellery industry is very competitive in terms of SEO


The first step was comprehensively addressing the technical issues uncovered in the initial website audit. We dove deeply into cleaning up duplicated page elements, rationalising site architecture and internal linking, and optimising load times across the site. Specific optimisations included implementing caching configurations, compressing images and other asset files, and leveraging a high-performance Content Delivery Network to serve static content faster. Download speeds and page load times were cut significantly. These extensive changes to the underlying infrastructure ensured the website had a solid technical foundation optimised for search engines before embarking on further SEO efforts.

With the foundation strengthened, our attention turned to optimising the on-page experience for users and search engines. We performed a keyword research focusing on relevant phrases related to jewellery, gemstones, and the client’s products. This comprehensive research informed targeted revisions to attributes like page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, and most importantly – each individual product’s description copy. Landing page, which previously was not effectively driving conversions and engagement, was completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. The goal was to capture and engage visitors by clearly presenting key information and ultimately persuading them to complete a purchase. Individualised and well-optimised product pages with descriptive keyword-rich text improved both the user experience when browsing and the website’s discoverability in search results.

We implemented a multi-pronged content marketing to rank for our main keywords. We regularly published engaging blog posts centered around their primary keyword – “American diamond”. Within four months, this new content helped the client rank number one for this highly competitive long-tail phrase.

As an additional value, we developed a basic email automation workflow to consistently nurture website customers and boost repeat engagement from past customers.

This holistic solution optimising technical, on-page, and off-page SEO factors allowed the jewellery business to finally achieve their goals of increased organic traffic and sales conversions.

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