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Case Study: LinkedIn Ads for Dental Prosthetics Interdental - 142% ROI

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Prepare to witness a dental transformation like never before. The stage is set as MECHANYSM partners with a dental prosthetics company for a LinkedIn journey that yielded a remarkable 142% return on investment (ROI). Buckle up as we unveil how the synergy of a groundbreaking machine and strategic lean marketing propelled us beyond expectations, creating a path of triumph in the world of LinkedIn ads campaigns.

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The Results

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Our client, a pioneering dental prosthetics company, turned to us seeking to spotlight their game-changing new machine and connect with dentists ready to embrace its transformative potential. Though new to LinkedIn ads, their enthusiasm to explore this uncharted territory made for an exhilarating collaboration.


New to LinkedIn Ads

Our client never used LinkedIn ads before so we had to setup everything from scratch.

LinkedIn's High CPC

LinkedIn is an outstanding platform for B2B lead generation however, it's notorious for it's high CPCs.

Expensive Service

Our client's product is quite expensive so people won't buy it easily like a pair of Nike shoes.


The first step was making sure our LinkedIn ads campaign was set up for success. We leveraged LinkedIn Insights tag to closely track engagement. We also deployed event-specific conversion tracking through Google Tag Manager. This dual tracking gave us crystal clear visibility into performance on LinkedIn's platform as well as our clients' website. Seeing both “quick wins” and longer-term objectives in Analytics ensured our go-forward strategy really resonated with buyers. A proper setup with integrated tracking from the get-go allowed for smoother optimisation later on as we refined campaigns based on actual user behaviour and business results.

With stage one success behind us, next up was customer discovery mode. We dove deep into your clients' field to get the full picture. From there, we uncovered key pain points plaguing their ideal customers. At the same time, we snooped on their competitors' LinkedIn campaigns to draw inspiration.

With these keen industry insights in hand, the fun part began - crafting copy and visuals guaranteed to stop scrollers in their tracks. We focused our energy on vividly portraying how their solutions alleviate buyer struggles, while infusing just the right tone to build trust and credibility. The end result? Highly polished creatives and ads primed to pique prospect passion and drive real connections. It was time to launch our minimum loveable campaigns!

By applying our proven lean methodology, we strategically crafted two synergistic LinkedIn campaigns tailored for dental professionals at every purchase stage. Steering the curious toward an insightful piece on the latest innovation, our meticulously optimised content campaign provided surgical precision to warm top-of-funnel prospects. 

Our complementary Conversion campaign then facilitated further engagement through thoughtfully chosen calls to action. The “Learn More” button invited deeper exploration of how the technology could advance practices. And “Book a Call” seamlessly converted those furthest along the path by opening the door for pioneers seeking new partnerships. This nimble two-pronged approach leveraged continuous learning principles to deliver an integrated client experience from early awareness through to engagement.

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