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Case Study: Google Ads for Plastic Surgeon Dr Veerle Rotsaert - 251% Increase in Conversions

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In the whirlwind of digital marketing, even the niche world of plastic surgery can undergo a dramatic facelift with the right tactics.

Hang tight as we unveil how MECHANYSM, armed with its potent lean marketing methodology, took a plastic surgery clinic from zero to hero, boasting a whopping 251.2% spike in conversions in just two months. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about rewriting the rulebook of online presence with lean marketing.

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When a plastic surgeon Dr Veerle Rotsaert reached out to us seeking our expertise in Google Ads management, we were glad to take on the intriguing challenge. Upon initial review, their account presented some digital puzzles – duplicated and miscategorised keywords, few negative keywords in use, and convoluted conversion tracking implementation. Somewhat surprisingly given their budget size, they reported conversion metrics well beyond industry averages in the discerning market of plastic surgery services. It became evident a meticulous optimisation approach would be required to separate beneficial signals from distracting noise within the account.


Limited Budget

Our plastic surgeon had £3000 to spend on Google Ads per month.

Wrong Conversion Tracking

The account was tracking conversions as "Inquires" and "Engagements".

Policy Compliance

Due to healthcare and before & after images on the website the account faced restrictions.


First we had to set up accurate conversion tracking. So far Google Ads was tracking “Inquires” and “Engagements” as conversions and tried to optimise for them. The problem with engagements is that it’s much easier to get such conversion. “Engagement” is a type of conversion where user has to spend 3 minutes or browse 5 pages. This resulted in very high amount of conversions with a small budget.

However, our primary goal was to get more plastic surgery leads not people who like to browse the web. So we implemented accurate conversion tracking by utilising Google Tag Manager. We started tracking form inquires, calls and emails. 

After implementing accurate conversion tracking we got to work on the keywords for our plastic surgery Google Ads campaign.

We identified relevant keywords which then were split into ad groups and we wrote the copy. Our aim was to have 5-8 keywords per ad group and make the copy hyper personalised. 

For example, “fat removal” and “liposuction” means exactly the same procedure; however, they need to go to different ad groups. If we combined them and someone would search for “fat removal” and an ad shows up speaking about “liposuction” most of the time the person won’t click on it even though it’s exactly the same procedure. By splitting the keywords we were able to write a very personalised copy.

To optimise the campaign and get more leads we created a pop up. In an exchange for an email and procedure of interests our potential plastic surgery leads could download a brochure and receive 50% off consultation. 

To further optimise our plastic surgery campaigns we were rating quality of our leads and then we would upload it to Google Ads which resulted in higher amount of high-quality plastic surgery leads.

We also added different audiences to “Observation” so we could identify what type of people are converting. Our other optimisation ,which yielded great results, was to adjust bidding for areas in London where most of the people have higher income such as Knightsbridge or Belgravia.

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