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Case Study: London Apron Kitchens Gets Over 200 Leads with Facebook Ads

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Kitchen rentals client in London was looking to boost their customer acquisition through digital marketing beyond their website. As Facebook is widely used in the UK, they engaged MECHANYSM to implement an optimised Facebook ads strategy.

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As a well-established but smaller business, their marketing budget remained modest. They allocated £500 to launch a targeted Facebook advertising campaign aimed at driving more kitchen rental bookings. While the company had a web presence and referral business, they wanted to explore leveraging the massive Facebook audience in their area. With over 20 million users in the UK alone, Facebook offered the potential to reach many chefs and restaurant owners in need of kitchen facilities. However, success would depend on optimising ads within the limitations of the £500 budget to maximise booking conversions from this new tested channel.


Small Budget

The client only had £500/mo for Facebook ads.

Unique Business

The client wanted to target specific professions such as chefs or someone who is looking for a ghost kitchen.

Lack of Sales Automation

The client didn't implement sales automation sequences.


We conducted thorough market research to make the most of the £500 budget. We analysed audience demographics to identify prime targeting parameters. We also researched customers to learn their journeys. Lastly, we reviewed competitor ads to find ideas to test.

Armed with these insights, we crafted captivating headlines, copy and creatives. We aimed to attract relevant prospects and drive them to a lead capture form as this was our client's preferred way of getting information. By emphasising amenities, convenience and value, the ads promoted renting a fully equipped kitchen for chefs and ghost kitchens The goal was to generate quality leads.

We launched the initial lead generation campaign, targeting our ideal audience within London. While it generated a reasonable number of leads, the response and conversion rates disappointed us. Many leads were not properly qualified and failed to convert into bookings. We quickly pivoted to a different approach.

We pivoted our strategy to focus on driving prospects deeper into the customer funnel.

We rebuilt the landing page from scratch to provide a better experience. The new page thoroughly explained kitchen rental benefits and included compelling photos. We also implemented an email automation system to follow up with leads which would send them a more detailed brochure and invite for a viewing.

With the infrastructure improvements in place, we refreshed our creatives and ad copy. We then launched a new campaign targeting the same audiences but directing them to the optimised landing page.

The revised campaign drove even better results. With the new landing page, creatives and optimised customer journey, we generated a flood of high-quality leads.

So many prospects expressing strong interest came through that our client struggled to accommodate them all with their inventory of available rental kitchens. The level of demand surpassed expectations.

As a testament to how effective the new ads and landing page were, some previous customers of competitors requested to cancel their existing bookings to instead work with our client.

It was clear that optimising the digital marketing efforts could significantly boost the client's bookings and better serve the market need.

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