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Case Study: Unique Strategy For Dr Veerle Rotsaert with Facebook Ads - 132 Leads

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Step into the world of surgical finesse and strategic prowess as MECHANYSM teams up with a plastic surgeon to breathe new life into Facebook advertising. In this case study, we unveil how our creative ingenuity and data-driven methodology transformed breast augmentation campaigns into an engaging symphony of compliance and conversion. From captivating visuals to content marketing mastery, this journey showcases the fusion of innovative strategy and the guiding principles of lean marketing, resulting in amplified engagement, lead capture, and brand credibility.

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Our collaboration with a plastic surgeon spotlighted breast augmentation, a niche where alluring messaging meets stringent ad content policies. The primary challenge was harmonising captivating campaigns with Facebook compliance. Success hinged on carefully curating images and videos that aligned with policies while still resonating creatively.


Limited Budget

Our plastic surgeon had £1500 to spend on Google Ads per month.

Poor Lead Quality

Facebook's lead generation objective can bring bad quality leads without good strategy.

Policy Compliance

Facebook restricts addressing one's insecurities in ads.


Guided by lean methodology, our approach was rooted in data-driven decisions. We began by auditing the client website and ad destinations, flagging any compliance risks that could hamper performance.

Next, we crafted compelling copy that artfully blended compliance with catchy messaging – a hallmark of lean precision.

When we first launched your Facebook ads campaign, the standard lead generation setup drove a healthy amount of inbound inquiries. However, upon reviewing the leads during, we noticed an opportunity. Many prospects seemed less familiar with our surgeon and weren’t quite ready to book a consultation.

Using our lean marketing lens, we identified these early contacts as relatively “cold” compared to primed customers. So we swiftly pivoted to Plan B, digging deeper into buyer personas through customer research. The results of iterating our targeting based on real user feedback were staggering.

We focused on content marketing and launched two complementary campaigns. The first promoted your educational blog post “All About Breast Augmentation” to attract clients in the consideration stage. This allowed us to gather valuable customer data.

Meanwhile, our second campaign implemented targeted retargeting. We invited blog readers to book a significantly discounted consultation. By streamlining follow-up based on known interest areas and lowering barriers, we significantly cut costs per qualified lead.

This dual-pronged approach exemplifies lean methodology – firstly testing and quickly pivoting. Secondly engaging prospects through low-risk discovery, then optimising conversion paths. The results speak for themselves, with the retargeting arm delivering top-quality inquiries at an efficient price point. By testing segmented campaigns, learning continually and iterating our messaging, we uncovered an engagement strategy perfectly aligned with your customers’ wants and needs.

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