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The SEO Road To Success is a step-by-step guide to every important SEO action you need to take to optimise your website and get more organic traffic.

150+ Action Points For SEO & Local SEO

20+ SEO Guides

5+ Worksheets & Templates

(4.8/5 from 1,500+ users)

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Image a constant stream of new customers to your website…for free

Especially now with incoming recession most businesses are looking for ways to save some £.

And how 99% of them do it? They lower marketing budget.

But you can’t go completely dark right? So how do you get customers to your website for free?

With good SEO understanding & strategy.

Get to page #1 of Google and your business (and life) might never look the same again.

But people will tell you SEO is complicated and hard to do.

The truth is, SEO is actually really simple. If you know what you’re doing…

What if SEO was as easy as following a simple checklist?

Introducing The SEO Road To Success

The SEO Road To Success is a step-by-step guide to help you take action and climb the Google rankings faster. This is the comprehensive SEO guide you need to get your website to page #1 of Google.

What People Say About Our SEO Road To Success

I've dabbled in SEO before but it always seemed so confusing. Thanks to those checklists and templates I'm finally starting to see results from SEO

Frederic Byrne

What a great resource! The checklist is great to help you understand what you need to do, but you also get all the process docs to follow. At this price it’s a no-brainer.

Zahra Haney

Who Are You?

If you associate with one of those people then you’re in the right place.

It doesn't get any better than free traffic to your website...

There is nothing better than a good SEO strategy

Think about urself…

How often do you click on an ad when searching on Google?

What about social media ads?

Do you click on them?

A website that shows on top of organic Google results is always going to win…

You might ask why?

It’s quite simple…

In the eyes of your customer it has much bigger authority than any ad.

And you?

You don’t spend a single £ for a click or impressions.

It’s a win-win situation!

So what are you waiting for!?

The SEO Road To Success Is Going To Help You Increase That Authority & Organic Traffic

Still not convinced SEO is this good?

Here Is Some Real Data

  • The top traffic source for all websites is organic search (HubSpot, 2022)
  • Organic web listings get 73% of clicks (BrightEdge, 2022)
  • Over two-thirds (68.7%) of all clicks go to the top three organic search results (First Page Sage, 2023)
  • The top organic search result receives an average of 19x more clicks than the top paid search result (First Page Sage, 2023)

A Strategy Based On Real Results

Proven Steps & Tactics That Can Help You Achieve SEO Eesults Like We Do...

In under 3 months we increased clicks by 4069.57% and impressions by 6111.18% for a client in very competitive space in London.

Again in under 3 months we increased clicks by 1272.73% and impressions by 2481.76% for a client in eCommerce jewellery niche.

The SEO Road To Success is going to help you achieve the same results without spending a single £ on marketing...

Is Something Stopping You From
Improving Your Website's SEO?

You Believe SEO Is Outdated

SEO is akin to traditional advertising methods like newspaper ads, often considered old-fashioned by modern marketers. 

You may often hear the claim that “SEO is dead.” However, individuals who consistently rank on the first page of Google would beg to differ; they’re too busy reaping the rewards of their SEO efforts. Just like traditional advertising, SEO offers a significant return on investment.

The truth is, search engines remain an indispensable part of our daily lives, facilitating access to essential information. Therefore, possessing the ability to effectively capture search traffic is incredibly valuable.

You Didn't See Results

You’ve dabbled in SEO before, but despite your dedication, you haven’t seen the results you hoped for. It’s understandable that you might feel discouraged.

You might be skeptical, and that’s okay. But consider this: just because a particular recipe didn’t turn out well in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean you should give up on your passion for cooking. Similarly, not achieving a high ranking on Google shouldn’t make you throw in the towel.

The problem might not lie in your goal of reaching the top spot on Google, but rather the strategies you’ve used to get there. With the right guidance, you can definitely make progress and climb the ranks of Google.

It's Black Magic To You

Consider this: It’s like embarking on a journey without a map or a planned route. If you’ve never fully learned SEO or established a structured process, it’s understandable that it becomes a low priority amidst life’s busyness.

This concern is valid. If you’re unsure of your strategy or lack a systematic approach, the prospect of conquering Mount Google can seem overwhelming. Feeling overwhelmed and losing motivation are genuine risks.

Without a solid SEO framework in place, it’s no surprise that you’ve encountered challenges. The truth is, without a clear step-by-step process to guide you, it’s easy to feel lost and waste valuable time.


You require a reliable system that can efficiently deliver the SEO outcomes you've been striving for. Hence...

You require The SEO Road To Success.

Check Out What's Inside (it's a lot)

The SEO Road To Success comprises a compilation of resources aimed at assisting you in securing a prominent position on the first page of Google. You’ll gain access to practical guides and proven techniques covering every essential aspect you need to consider.

Crucially, this isn’t mere theoretical SEO rhetoric from someone lacking real-world ranking experience. We have personally elevated websites from obscurity to the top spot on Google, fostering highly successful businesses as a result.

The SEO Checklist

The SEO Checklist itself is a value packed spreadsheet containing all the important SEO steps and actions you need to consider. Keeping everything you need to do in one place, it’s the master document you’ll keep coming back to.
For each project you work on, you can create a new version of the document and work through it step-by-step. Within the document there are the steps to take, recommendations on the tools you might need, plus links to resources that will help you complete those steps (this is usually a step-by-step process document, but could also be a link to another useful resource to help you).

The Local SEO Checklist

It’s a complete checklist tailored for local SEO, covering all crucial steps essential for elevating your website to the summit of Google’s local search results. You’ll receive precise instructions on the actions to undertake, along with detailed guidance on their execution.

Bonus #1: 5+ SEO Templates

Whether you are conducting a backlink audit, on-page optimisation or keyword research our SEO templates got you covered.

Bonus #2: 20+ SOPs (Standard Operating Processes)

These are a set of foolproof Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) designed to guide you step by step. They provide meticulously detailed instructions that are so clear, you could easily explain them to your grandpa (no offense intended).

So Today You Are Getting:

SEO is an ever-evolving field. While certain core principles remain unchanged, techniques that were effective in the past may not yield the same results in the future. Therefore, as Google continues to evolve, so will The SEO Road To Success.

When you make your purchase today, you gain lifetime access to The SEO Road To Success which includes all future updates at no additional cost. This ensures that you’ll always have access to the latest strategies and best practices to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of SEO.

Here Is Just A Peek In What Is Covered



To build a solid house, you have to start with the foundations. SEO is no different.



Set your site up for success and avoid the common technical pitfalls that can harm your SEO efforts.


On-Site SEO

It’s key that you make every page on your site easy for search engines to crawl and for people to use.


Off-Site SEO

People need to know about your website before you can convert them. Off-page SEO helps create awareness of your website.


Local SEO

With 52% of searchers looking for local information, there is a goldmine of traffic available if your customers are local to you.



When you create awesome content, people will share it, quality sites will link to it and Google will love you for it.

That covers every single key area of SEO, so you’re able to rank your website at the top of Google...

This Is NOT an online course

You don’t need another course.

On average 4 out of 5 people that buy an online training course never even finish it.

An 80% failure rate? That’s like burning cash.

The SEO Road To Success is about taking ACTION. It’s for doers, not course collectors.

Use it for a couple of minutes to get your next action step. Or use it everyday as your core SEO process document. 

However you use it, use it to make progress.

So What Are You Waiting For?

It's Time To Grab SEO Road To Success

Total Value: £428

£39 TODAY!

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(4.8/5 from 1,500+ users)

Trusted by 11,352 people like you, who now do SEO the smart way! 11 sold today


The SEO Road To Success is a comprehensive spreadsheet filled with valuable information, encompassing all the crucial SEO steps and actions you need to consider. It serves as your central repository, containing everything you need to accomplish in one convenient location, making it the ultimate reference document you’ll frequently revisit.

For every project you undertake, you can generate a new version of this document and systematically work through each step. Within the spreadsheet, you’ll find detailed instructions on the actions to take, suggestions regarding the tools you might require, and links to resources that will aid you in completing those tasks. These resources could be either step-by-step process documents or links to other useful tools and references.

These resources will be useful whatever level of SEO knowledge you have. For the business owner with little SEO experience, you now have a guiding document for all your efforts – a single comprehensive checklist of all the SEO actions you should be taking.

If you’ve tried SEO before and know your way around a bit, The SEO Checklist will help you stay organised.

And even if you’re an expert, or run an SEO agency, you probably don’t have all your procedures documented. We’ve spent countless hours creating detailed process documents, which will help your team stay consistent and efficient.

While you’re receiving substantial training, it’s essential to clarify that The SEO Road To Success isn’t a traditional course. Instead, it’s an actionable checklist designed to be implemented as you work. Each step is accompanied by detailed guidance on how to execute it, allowing you to perform an action and seamlessly transition to the next step. It serves as your comprehensive guide to support you throughout your work.

Moreover, you’ll have access to a collection of process documents aimed at facilitating execution. Additionally, you’ll receive project planning and strategy tools essential for maintaining organisation and staying on track with your SEO endeavours.

As this is a digital product, refunds are not available due to the nature of the purchase. While I trust your integrity, it’s unfortunate that some individuals attempt to exploit this policy by purchasing digital products and promptly requesting refunds.

To ensure transparency, let me reiterate what you’ll receive:

The SEO Road To Success is primarily a Google Sheet outlining the essential steps for optimising your website to enhance its ranking in the SERPs. Additionally, you’ll gain access to over 20 process documents (standard operating procedures) guiding you through key tasks outlined in the checklist.

It’s important to note that The SEO Checklist isn’t a magical solution. Success requires dedication and effort on your part. If you’re willing to put in the work, this tool will guide you by outlining what needs to be done and how to accomplish it, facilitating your progress in SEO endeavors.

We’re a digital marketing agency based in London. We specialise in SEO and other marketing channels.

We helped countless clients to rank on the first page of Google and more often than not as a first link in very competitive spaces!

If you want to check us out more you can do so by going here

We understand the challenges faced by smaller businesses in navigating the complexities of SEO while operating within limited budgets, especially in challenging times like this year. That’s why we’ve made every effort to ensure that this resource is as affordable as possible.

Despite the modest price, the value you’ll receive is substantial, particularly if you’re willing to invest the effort and dedication required to make the most of it. It’s designed to empower smaller businesses to crack the SEO code and unlock more organic Google traffic, providing an invaluable resource at a price that reflects its immense value.

Additionally, we’re a marketing agency. Out of 1000s of people who buy it some are going to contact us about our services.

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